Countdown to Cameroon

Friday, March 15, 2013

American Embassy Posts Story

The American Embassy in Yaounde has posted the story of our journey and trip and displayed how 5 CofC Enactus Students can be ambassadors of goodwill. To view the post go to:

Channel 4 Charleston Features Project

We have been seen by a projected 41,000 people in the Charleston area thanks to ABC Channel 4 News - we were given an entire 2 minute to describe the work and what it meant for the students who participated in the project - We are ENACTUS!

To view the video go to:

Great Article in Post and Courier

Got some great press from the local newspaper, the Post and Courier about our project and impact!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Home Sweet Home

After 26 hours of traveling we are finally home safe in charleston already missing our adventures, but happy to see electricity, air conditioning, and many other things that makes America so great.

We were glad to have been able to have made a difference including the 1625 kids who were exposed to hygiene education, 15 women who were provided micro loans, and 25 students who applied entrepreneurship principles in the business plan competition.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Last Last Shopping - Really

Just had to visit the local craft market for some very unique prices of music instrument, wood craft, bags and more. Of course we had to negotiate all our prices but under the watchful eye of Soule we got unique pieces to bring home. Good rules of thumb - 25% of offered price. Carolyn almost got a banjo but got another loud instrument instead.

We showed our appreciation to our driver for all he did for us (including keeping us alive - New York driving is safe compared to Cameroon driving).

Shopping for Local Goods

We visited a small boutique to buy Papua jam, coffee and spices for our respective families and friends (including some hand rolled cigars).

We followed by visiting the coffee roasting facility that included piles of coffee and view the coffee roaring process and labs with the plant manager - it was nice to see how the great coffee we enjoyed this week was made.