Countdown to Cameroon

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting Our Ducks in a Row

Settled back into campus and all the work that comes with it, the team met tonight at 6pm sharp for our typical Wednesday meeting.

The main focus tonight was filling out the most exciting paperwork I have ever done - 
our visa applications!
Gathering our Passports and Visa Applications! 

 Since most of the population in Cameroon speaks French, our paperwork was in French too - Bonjour?  Thankfully this was not a problem, since the embassy included an English translation of the question as well.  

After we had filled everything out appropriately, Carolyn took some time to educate us on the culture in Cameroon, since she was on the previous trip. It was great learning about their history, politics, and pleathera of cultures.  

From English to French, Christian to Muslim, tribal to political, there are many different lifestyles and beliefs where we are going, and we can't wait to experience them all!

We'll be there soon!

Carolyn teaching us all about Cameroon!

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