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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shipping Out

I can not remember the last time I woke up at 6:15am (we only got back from break Saturday!) but yesterday morning, all the team members and myself were up bright and early to transport all of our packages to the Wando Terminal. 

Sleepy-eyed but ready to work, we arrived at the Beatty Center at 7:30am and began moving the last of the supplies into the truck.  Before long, we arrived at the terminal to see all of our hard work and sweat be taken away on a cargo ship. What a relief to all of us, the largest pieces of our project were already on their way to meet us on March 1st. The ultamite count included 1625 school care packages with over 150 soccer balls, extra school supplies, plus four donated serves for a total of 174 boxes and 9 bags.  

Unloading the trailer and the truck 
Everything set & ready to go in the container!

We didn't have too much time to celebrate our success however, there was a news appearance to make!  Driving directly from the terminal site to the Channel Four News Station, Sandy Funk (Director of External Relations for the School of Business) and myself made an appearance on Lowcountry Live! I had a blast being interviewed by Tessa, and loved chatting with everyone in the green room.  Thank you abc for the wonderful opportunity! 

Lowcountry Live! Interview

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