Countdown to Cameroon

Thursday, February 28, 2013

1 Day More

After all the coordination, fundraising, and stress, our trip is FINALLY HERE. 

I know that fact has been exceptionally surreal for me the past few days, as well as the other team members.  I am not sure if I'll even believe it until I step off that plane in Cameroon. 

Nevertheless, the fact that our trip is upon us has meant tying up a few last ends, including announcing our business competition finalists.  

Without further ado, a sincere congratulations to .... 

The Universite Catholic D'Afrique Centrale Finalists 
Juste FLorentin Manga Noah 
Alphonse Bekolo
Donald Sileu 
Tina Magloire 
Jean Jacques Mengbwa 

The Universite Des Montagnes Finalists
Eric Martial Nguetchue 
Etienne Ekedi Samnick
Florent Fosting Fomelea

We can't wait to find out who the winners will be!

Tomorrow, our plane departs Charleston at 3pm and we will be on our way to finding out.  

Stay tuned to this blog for updates throughout out week and wish us luck as we embark on this fantastic adventure.

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