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Friday, February 15, 2013

Microfinance Application Now Available

Our Micro-finance application is completed and ready for Cameroon!  

On Monday March 4th, we will be presenting the Micro-finance program to women in Baffousam to explain the steps of the application process and requirements to obtain Micro-loan funding.  Essentially, the women will create groups, and within these groups formulate an idea for an enterprise to put on the application on March. 6th.  After the completion and evaluations of the applications, we will have financial counseling for the recipients on Thursday, March 7th.  The leader of each group will submit a monthly report detailing: revenue, loan repayment, and product inventory.  Upon our departure for Yaounde the following morning, these women are sure to have a rewarding start creating a successful enterprise to sustain their families.

Micro-finance description
Micro-finance Program Application

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