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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Audience at the Palace, Visit of Museum and more

Wow, we were simply amazed by the history of the kingdom of the Noun and the culture surrounding the people of the Noun.

Of course a semi private tour of the museum helped us understand their history across the years: Through the centuries and through the various changes in kings - some amazing relics and pieces of art/craftsmanship.

We witnessed the process of family succession with the nobles coming to get her to review the wish of the head of family who passed away, families getting into a circle, the king approving of the successor, and the designer who at this point does not know is hand picked from the family group. That person is formally dressed and again presented to the court as the chosen one and on occasion if the family status demands, a symbolic gun is fired (like we were honored with before).

Finally we were granted an audience with the king who welcomed us to the Noun and wished us great success in our work.

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