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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Campus visit - meeting students

What an amazing experience we had today! We woke up early and had to drive two hours to finally visit the campus of UdM (new and old) including a personal tour of the limited resources they currently have and where some of our previous donations of technology have been put to use (computer labs, xRay machine). We were inspired by the conversations and inspirations of many of the students when our team had the opportunity to meet with student government body representatives. Questions asked where: what clubs both schools had and what ideas they have or would like to make happen. Many students thanked us for coming back (as we continue to return every two years) but said no, and thanked them for welcoming us every time and offering us a true partnership. We shared our school colors and look forward to this afternoon's business plan competition where we will see what they might apply what we presented on last time we were here.

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