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Friday, March 8, 2013

BizPlan Competition

We had our last biz plan competition in some on godly warm conditions (at the catholic university). We did hear all five finalists that had both diversity in scope and depth - the winner was a consulting business with a lot of potential. These were masters students who had already taken the step of forming the business and getting registered.

It was cool also talk to the coordinator of the entrepreneurship curriculum who was so inspired by our presentation on entrepreneurship two years ago that they now have it required for all masters (175 students a year and an elective course for another 70 a year). He used the materials and books we shipped to him after our visit and implementation it immediately.

Also the biz plan competition was conducted in the large hall that had our smartboard from our last trip and all our laptops are being used for in class projects too - we gave them the three new ones to offer more options for classroom technology integration.

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