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Friday, March 8, 2013

Visited America Today

Well, for an hour we felt like we were back in the US. We arrived (thanks to our amazing driver Soule) early at the American Embassy where we were welcomed by Mika (Economic section) and Jonathan (Public Office) with whom we shared our project details and itinerary, but also some great ideas on how we could work with the embassy in the future.

They were impressed by our work and also the fact that we focused on empowerment which they say is the key to the future and successful development of Cameroon. They liked that we also realized that rural development is through agricultural programs like our micro loan program for women.

We talked about progress in the country and some of the limitations but more importantly the opportunities available to the people of Cameroon and also to some of the student team members. Carolyn who has been in this trip before is showing great interest to work in a French speaking country in some capacity and Michelle appears to see some opportunities for internships too. Of course well guarded facility but a fully air conditioned facility with fully functioning bathrooms - we are happy campers!

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