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Monday, March 4, 2013

This Morning's briefing: The Plantation and today's mission

The Plantation:

Just a little information about the plantation the team is staying on: The goal of the plantation is to be self sufficient and not to necessarily make money. On this 338 acre plantation, it produces high quality coffee beans but they are trying to not only produce coffee but have other options as well incase something may happen to the coffee beans such as disease. This past year they lost 80% of their coffee beans due to a fungi. Luckily they also grow corn and raise cattle which they are trying to do more of, and they also have their own monstrous chickens. The plantation also have their own schools and are provided with health care which they feel makes them rich compared to people who do not live on the plantation.

Today's Mission: Micro Finance Program
The plantation manager (Anadou) arrived early this morning from France. He is very tired yet very excited about the micro finance program we will be starting today. We will be going into town to talk to the women about how we can arrange for them to set up a sustainable business program.

Stay tuned for pictures and information about what kind of businesses the women choose to set up.

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