Countdown to Cameroon

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

School Visit and First Distribution

Under the patronage of the Queen we were welcomed with open arms in her village where we had the opportunity to meet all the local nobles and the director of the school with whom we discussed the importance of hygiene and the link to education and how soccer can be used as a reward for advancement and attendance in school.

The women were screening and changing to celebrate our support for their children with some occasional dancing. Of course the most important event was the hiring of the celebratory gun after discussing hygiene which was a surprise to the group and a true honor to the group as this is usually fired in the presence of nobles. We were honored and simply thankful to provide these kids with the tools to education - thanks to our partner Possibilities Without Borders. We also visited each classroom and posted hygiene posters in each class. Next we get to visit the palace and meet the Sultan.

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